About Ajnara Sport City

The prices are set according to the Ajnara Sport City Payment plans that the company has made for its customers and there are 2 different plans to suit the different types of the customers. The first plan is the down payment plan where you need to pay 10% at the time when you are booking your villa. Then 30 days from the date of booking the villas, you need to pay a bulk amount of 85% and then the remaining of the 5 % to be paid when you are going to take the possession of the villas. The price according to this plan is INR 3358 per square feet for all the areas you are going to avail and there are other PLCs and other charges over and above this figure. The 2nd plan is the Construction linked plan which is like you need to pay 10% of the total amount for the purpose of booking the villas, then another 10% within 30 days of it and 20% when the excavation starts, 10% on the completion of the slabs of the ground floor, first floor and like that till the external plaster is done there are 5 installments of each being 10% of the total amount of the villas. At the time of the possession of the bungalows you need to pay the remaining 10% amount and then you can start living happily in your luxury villas.

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