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Supertech Romano

Supertech Romano is the reality that everyone wishes for a luxury life, for this purpose all of us need a luxurious accommodation. It should be more suitable & appropriate with your dreams & expectations completely. You need to choose the best project, which offers air conditioned rooms, gardens & parks, private garden, a swimming pool for freshness & healthy body, a sporty lifestyle & leisure features. These features are mostly preferred by luxury home buyers. Therefore, it is extremely superlative option for a luxury abode seeker. The Investment in the real estate sector remains a gainful & attractive option for potential small and largest investors. The property speculation is growing trend in modern period especially in the metro cities.


Supertech Romano

Payment Plan Of Supertech Romano:- Supertech Romano Payment Plan as prescribed by the housing board can be understand by the following payment plans ;subvention payment plan ,special payment plan ,flexi payment plan ‘B’ ,construction linked payment plan ‘c’. Under the subvention Supertech Romano Payment Plan; 10% of total cost is to be paid at the time of booking, 80% of total cost during bank funding and 10% of total cost on offer of possession. Under the special Supertech Romano Payment Plan ;10% at the time of booking ,15% within 30 days of booking ,15% within 60 days of booking ,30% on completion of structure work ,30% on offer of possessing.


Supertech Romano

The Supertech Romano Payment plan is having two different structures. One is linked to the construction phases and other is the down payment plan. Now it is your choice which one you want to go for as both of them have their own specifications and criteria. For the construction linked plan the booking amount is INR 100000 and then the instalments process starts within the fifteen days of the booking with the balance amount of 10%. Then the 2nd instalment has to be made within the forty five days of the booking that is within thirty days of the first instalment.