Bhutani Alphathum Commercial Destination of Noida

The Bhutani Alphathum Noida is one of the premier commercial projects that have been designed and built in the city of Noida. The location of the project is the heart of the central Noida and opposite of the sector – 90 metro junctions. A mere two minutes walk is required to reach the City Center from the location. The project is known as the commercial destination of the Central Noida for the presence of the offices of offices of MNC. The presence of various studio apartments adds to the significance of the nomenclature. The design and scope of the project: Bhutani Alphathum Noida had instructed their architect Contractor to design the project. Mr. architect has proposed a design that has been accepted at site for the impeccability. It entails with classic architecture of premium area for Retail Shops. There are scopes for Hyper Market as well as various Multiplexes too. The corporate of the city has shown interest in investing within the project. The accessibility of the area should be one of the prime reasons. The location has been interlinked to various parts of the city and the suburban metro services operate throughout the city. Bhutani Alphathum Price / Gulshan One29 Price / Wave One Price / Spectrum Metro Price

The company had planned the initiation of such a project based on the realization about the demand of space for carrying commercial activities. These commercial activities include Office Spaces. With the advent of business scopes, more and more corporate are looking for spaces where these companies can carry out their activities. The presence of ultra-luxurious apartments is alluring these companies to vend out their investments there. There are planned areas for Food Court Spaces as well as restaurants too. These spaces are built with mind-blowing interior and exterior designing. The spaces have filled up very fast for the illusory interior decorations. Financial institutions like Banks as well as the operators of the reputed 5 star hotels have also come up with investments in this project. The current status: The office spaces that have planned to build in the spaces have filled up within a quick lapse of time. Many of these spaces are being taken by various corporate houses that include various MNCs, BOPs, KOPs and Insurance companies.

A number of Studio Apartments are there for Sale in the Bhutani Alphathum Noida. Various notifications have circulated across media inviting investments for these projects. The projects are now getting alarming responses as various Film Companies are taking these studio apartments for execution of their business. The projects within the space have alarming system within that act precautionary measure for the trespassers. Along with this, a three-tier security system has been organized for the apartments. Sufficient supply of water is available round the clock. Un-interrupted supply of water is assured round the clock. There are high speed elevators for all apartments. The area is covered through CCTV surveillance.

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